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Well now everybody is happily playing Pokémon (even after that mysterious three paw print glitch) so there is no need to explain to you what is an egg and what it has to do with Pokémon Go, and what is a Pokémon Go anyway? It’s a rare chance that you are not aware of Pokémon Go (as rare as your chance of catching a rare Pokémon). Well if you don’t live in Indonesia, Belarus, Portugal, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, you can check out this cool game today. In order to hatch an egg, the game requires its player to get on his feets and walk for some time and wait for eggs to hatch. But there is also a weird problem many users face, no... Read more →

This application consists of information about all stars, galaxies, planets, solar system that are a visible to naked eye. Just pointing out your camera to any visible object in the night sky will reveal its information and where it is headed at real-time. Also, you can witness satellite fly-bys (Hubble and ISS). Read more →