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SkyView®: A Great Pocket Application for Astronomers


We usually don’t write about smartphone applications reviews, but this application is a wonder. It enables your smartphone to explore your night or even day sky. This application consists of information about all stars, galaxies, planets, solar system that are a visible to naked eye. Just pointing out your camera to any visible object in the night sky will reveal its information and where it is headed at real-time. Also, you can witness satellite fly-bys (Hubble and ISS).

A Great App for All


Even you are not an astronomer; you can still amaze your family and friends or even your date of this application to locate constellations and horoscopes figures. Personally, I set my application for professional use, so I turned off the background camera so Milky Way is visible on the background and also turned off the visual representation of horoscopes and constellation like this picture below.

Some Additional Features


  • It does not work on Wi-Fi, only a data signal or GPS required. It works like a charm during camping, boating, or even flying.
  • Also supports gadgets like Space Navigator™ binoculars, spotting scope, and telescopes.

Sooth Your Curious Mind


One sees the night sky and realizes many shining objects all over the sky. We all get curious and wish to know about it. SkyView is a free application developed to work on all latest smartphones that support GPS and gyro. You will be amazed to see that how many galaxies, constellations, planets are there on the sky and we never thought what they were before. It’s a great application for astronomers and students who are studying astronomy.

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