Deploying a WordPress Site to Cloudflare Workers for Better Security and Performance

Deploying a WordPress Site

Deploying a site statically provides significant performance and security benefits over traditional hosting. To demonstrate this we’ll go from a standard WordPress installation to a site that’s deployed statically to Workers Sites in 194 cities around the world.
Watch the following video to learn more.

How does Microsoft Azure work?

In this video, you will gain a general understanding of how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform works and what's happening technology-wise behind the scenes. Please watch the following video to learn more about Microsoft Azure.

Plugins for Spam and Comments on Your WordPress Site

It's impossible to differentiate between auto bot spam comments and real users' comments, so that is why we need some plugins that can help our WordPress by reducing the number of spam messages to a minimal amount.

Plugins for SEO of Your Wordpress Site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins should have built-in feature manager and Import and export settings. You can choose from the top two WordPress SEO plugins.

Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Site

 Plugins to secure your site should be on your first to-do list. It falls into the essential plugins list because nothing on the internet is secure.

Plugins to Backup Your Wordpress Site

You are at great risk of losing all your content of your blog and once lost you won't have a chance to bring it back- unless you have a good backup WordPress plugin installed.

Install Plugins for your Wordpress Site

 We need plugins to run our WordPress; plugins that are very important, almost crucial to keep your blog secure, optimized, fully controlled, and backed up. It is a piece of cake to look for plugins and to install them, and many of them are already free.

Create Your First GitHub Pages Website

Here's a video that will introduce you to creating websites using GitHub Pages.

Organic Traffic

You should understand that one of the goals of SEO is to increase organic traffic on your site or blog. Here's why?

Achieve Higher Google Ranking for Free

A lot of online businesses actually pay money to rank up at the Google Algorithm, but you can achieve a higher ranking on Google without spending a dime. Let’s take a closer look at the 8 easiest way to improve your Google ranking for free.

Things to Consider in becoming a Domain Investor

Find out what it takes to be a successful domain investor. Lots of things to consider.

How to earn well as a web reseller?

Find what you need to be a successful web reseller. Being a reseller is one of the best ways to make money online.

Increase Your Traffic by Posting in Forums

How to bring visitors to your website?

World Wide Web illustration image

You need visitors to your website for the success of your website. Here's one of the best ways to increase your web traffic >> Post in Forums.