Achieve Higher Google Ranking for Free

Many online businesses pay money to rank up at the Google Algorithm. Still, you can achieve a higher ranking on Google without spending a dime. Think of Google ranking as a polling station and like in your typical democracy, where the authorities count the votes. Well, Google counts the number of links to your website on the internet and provides the result based on the links. 

It requires a fair share of your blood and sweat to make your website up and running for the right audience. But you might encounter a slight problem: nobody is coming and viewing your website when you are not advertising your website on different marketing platforms. To check where your website stands in the pool of other websites, simply Google your website and see how many Google pages you have to turn to reach your website. It is challenging for organic traffic to rank up on Google since Google pays more attention to websites that pay money to conquer the top place on the Google ranking system.

Let's take a closer look at the eight easiest ways to improve your Google ranking for free.

1. Implement The Right Keywords

Often novice website owners make a big mistake by using the wrong keywords. It's not rocket science. You just need to take your time to analyze the right keywords for your website that will generate more traffic, hence, more money. One easy way to do this is by using Google Analytics, free software for analyzing the traffic on your website. You can see how people are interacting with your website based on the keywords. It gives you a good idea, which keywords to use to generate traffic and which keywords not to use that are not engaging any significant number of people. 

2. Create a Creative Title Tag

Like any good search engine, Google pays specific attention to the title tag. By title tag, I mean the title at the top of the browser, the text that is placed between the HTML `<TITLE>` and `<HEAD>` section on the web page. By default, the title tag is named "New Document." The only way people will come to your page is when they search "New Document." So, change the title to something that will engage more people. For instance, if you are selling "Laptops" on your website, you should insert "Laptops" in the title tag. That way, people searching for laptops should come to your website. 

3. Pool Your Votes

Many website owners do not realize that www.KoolWebsites.com and https://KoolWebsites.com are envisaged as two different entities by Google. The best example for this would be a presidential candidate splitting up the votes into two new candidates; you do not want that. The only way to solve this issue is to implement the "redirect page" service on either one of your webpages (Also known as 301, which is easy to do. 

4. Keep track of References

Locate the references for your business/websites on other websites. Keep in mind that authorities do not count as a link back to your website; it just the name of your business/website, and the Google ranking system does not count this as a vote. You can enable Google Alerts services on your website, keeping track of all the places where your website's reference is being used. You can later contact those business owners and ask them for a link back to your website, rather than using just the name. 

5. Offer A Reward

Host a photo contest on your blog and offer a reward to the winner; people love to win stuff. This way, your website will gain new content. Later, you can use Google Image Search to locate where your content is being used and ask those websites to provide a source back to your website. 

6. Volunteer Your Services 

Myriads of small business owners cannot afford to spend any money to offer their services to the people. This will be an excellent opportunity to provide your reference to the people, plus, this will be a tremendous moral, and you get to promote your business.

7. Offer Concession To Members

Everybody loves special treatment and making profitable deals, and you can offer a discount on your business's products. This is an excellent opportunity to provide a discount to specific organizations. That way, they can use their audience to generate traffic back to your website, hence, a more favorable ranking. 

8. Offer A Unique Product/Service

This would be a great opportunity to promote your business on social media. You can offer such services or products and use the link of your website and social media profiles to promote.

After Thoughts

Many new website owners are vexing out on the lower Google ranking, but it's never too late to work on that. It doesn't require intense research. Just follow the guide above that should suffice to achieve a higher Google ranking for free.

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