Deploying a WordPress Site to Cloudflare Workers for Better Security and Performance

Deploying a WordPress Site

Deploying a site statically provides significant performance and security benefits over traditional hosting. To demonstrate this we’ll go from a standard WordPress installation to a site that’s deployed statically to Workers Sites in 194 cities around the world. Watch the following video to learn more.

Plugins to Backup Your Wordpress Site

You are at great risk of losing all your content of your blog and once lost you won't have a chance to bring it back- unless you have a good backup WordPress plugin installed.

It is better to install a good backup plugin and create a full backup than crying over spilled milk when it's too late.



It is in the list because it is perhaps the simplest backup tool and it is loaded with some reliable features that save time and it's very straight forward and easy to use. Unlike many free plugins backup on WordPress, you have the option to exclude any files you don't want to backup, so your files stay up-to-date.

Features Of BackupBuddy Include:

  • Easy to migrate from one website to another.
  • ‘iThemes Stash' with free 1-GB cloud backup
  • You can store your backups on multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox and Amazon S3 etc.
  • Easy to create Scheduled backups and Full backups.


Kind of an adorable name for a WordPress Backup plugin, it is not only efficient but its wide variety of features assures the safety and security of your data. It provides backup storage service to store your data on cloud sites like Amazon S3, Google Drive SkyDrive, etc.

Features Of BackWPup Include:

  • Schedule backups to suit you along with restore functions works like a charm and this plugin also support the export of WordPress XML files.
  • Plugins to optimize your blog for search engines. 
  • WordPress does not support the optimization of your blog for search engines by default. You need plugins that can perform technical tweaks such as adding Metadata, easy to 'no-index' pages which you don't want Google to index and setting of canonical links, etc.


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