Are You Thinking of Smoking Weed? Think Again!

When it comes to drugs and especially smoked drugs, they are called weed. Some examples of weed are Marijuana, cannabis, Ganja (herb), Hashish (amphetamines), and many more.

As you may know, most people think that marijuana is the only type of weed. It's not. The definition of "weed" includes any of the following seven types of plants: Grass, vegetation, shrub, fruit, tree, and flowers.

If you're an individual who has been arrested for possession of marijuana, it would be smart to consult with a defense lawyer to determine if you have a case against you or not. This is important because, in California, marijuana is considered illegal under the current law.

On the other hand, if you were arrested for growing or selling the substance, it would be easy to argue that you did not grow the weed. Therefore, you might be able to get off the hook provided that you can prove that you did not do the act.

The question is whether you can use marijuana and other "soft" drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine as a form of recreation.

Although most people who consume any of these drugs do so unwillingly and without realizing the dangers, there are still those who use them irresponsibly, either through the consumption of dangerous illicit substances or through alcohol consumption.

Weed and the other legal forms of the above mentioned seven plant categories are generally not included in the definition of "weed," so it may be legal to consume. Still, it is certainly not a safe thing to do.

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