Guide to the New Car Breed - Electric Vehicles (EV)


A car is simply a wheeled lightweight motorized vehicle intended for transportation. Most modern definitions of automobiles clearly state that they are used primarily for transportation, seats only one to eight persons, have two wheels, and are powered by an internal combustion engine(s).

Most automobiles today have at least two wheels powered either by gas or electricity. As you might expect, there are several different types of cars, each one used for slightly different purposes. Some people prefer to drive sedans, while others want something lightweight and easy to handle, and others want something powerful but with a big engine. Hybrids are the new rage when it comes to automobiles, and many people find them to be very useful and convenient.

An electric vehicle (EV) is defined as powered by electricity rather than gasoline. There are two distinct categories of EV's, including plug-in hybrids and standard battery-powered vehicles. Plug-in hybrids utilize gasoline power to recharge batteries, whereas a classic battery-powered vehicle recharges itself by drawing power from the car battery.

In recent years, electric vehicle sales have grown tremendously, and many people choose them for their long term travel plans and longer road trips. Due to relative inexpensiveness, they are now one of the more popular vehicle models on the market.

The higher your vehicle knowledge, the more specific your car model needs to be to fit into your price range. Once you know what vehicle specs you want and your budget, narrowing down your search to a few viable options should be relatively easy.

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