Watch Your Kids with Mobile Spy Apps


As a parent, sometimes it's hard to keep track of your children when they're out and about. Sometimes you don't want to be left in the dark, especially if your children have a cell phone.

Luckily, there is a very effective way to spy on your kids without them knowing that you're doing so. With the advances in GPS technology, parents no longer need to worry about keeping an eye on their child's whereabouts because their mobile phones are now tracking devices themselves.

Mobile Spy Apps or Mobile Spy Software are specifically designed for use with iOS and Android devices. These kinds of applications help you monitor incoming, outgoing text messages, GPS locations, and calls made and received on your mobile phone. To do this, these programs need to read the files that come in the form of APN's (Access Point Name), HAP (Home Access Point), and IMS (Incoming Message Status).

When the Mobile Spy Software analyzes these data packets, a log of the device's activity can then be extracted. All the information is recorded in the text and automatically sent to a third party website.

Some of the most famous examples of these monitoring applications are iSpy for iOS and Freezy for android phones. Other examples include SpyFu for Mac, Rxected for iPhone, logger for Blackberry, Cloner for Windows Mobile, GoArtical for PSP, CoolMobile for Windows Mobile, MyTrace for iPhone, MyTrace for Android, MyTrace for PC, Sonar for Symbian, ATOM GPS for HTC, ATOM GPS for Windows Mobile and PC.

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