Your Career Goals and How to Achieve Them

If you are working in a job you don't enjoy, career counseling can help. It can help you discover what career would be best for your skills, values, and life objectives. A career counselor will go over your job skills, your career goals, and your resources to find the right career for you. You will learn about practical career development, identify the obstacles you may be facing in your career, and prepare yourself for a new and better career.

Career planning isn't something you do once and forget about. Since research has discovered that the typical worker will change careers seven to ten times in their lifetime, career planning isn't just a task you should do once. It's a life-long process that you'll constantly be on the lookout for. You will need to assess your current job skills, develop new skills, update your resume, and find ways to get your career search off to a good start. You'll never know where you might find a new job, and you might never have time to search if you continue to keep your current job.

A great place to find job search tips is your favorite resources: friends, colleagues, newspapers, and even the Internet. Friends and colleagues are the most reliable sources of career information because they share their own experiences and advise careers. The newspaper and the Internet are also excellent sources of career information, but you should use your best judgment as with any other form of information. Sometimes a paper or an article on a career site is completely off base. Always check the sources for credibility before making decisions about your job search.

Another important tip is to use one-page resumes instead of two or more page applications. Using one-page applications is helpful because it helps you save time, and it makes sure that your resume isn't too lengthy. Two to three pages can be overwhelming to the reader and may not contain enough information. If you aren't an expert in your field and haven't created your resume yet, try keeping it one page only and don't worry too much about creating one.

When you are ready to create your resume and always remember to proofread it for the first time during your job searching journey. No matter what, you should read it over several times and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Carefully read over your resume and cover letter to get a sense of how they match up to your qualifications.

One of the most powerful career tools you can use today is your online presence. The Internet is the easiest and fastest way to find jobs, find out what's currently available, and you can even post your resume for free. With an online presence, you will also be able to connect with other job seekers and those with the skills you are seeking.

The key to your success is creating your profile and connecting with those who have similar interests, values, and goals as you. Your career search will be more successful when you take advantage of the resources available on the Internet to find the right job.

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