A Long Walk to Water Based on a True Story by Linda Sue Park - Book Review


The book is genuinely based on the true story of Salva Dut, one of Sudan's Lost Boys during the Second Sudanese Civil War, 1985. On the other hand, there's also a separate account of a girl named Nya, which is already taking place in Sudan.  Throughout the book, we learn about the circumstances of Salva and Nya and their challenges in life.

The story of Salva is terrifying. On a regular school day in 1985, shots were noticed that perhaps the war had arrived throughout the village, and he was told to leave right away for safety. He seems to have no idea where he's heading; he only thinks he's going to have to look for safety as far away from the village as he can. He traveled with various kinds of people. Salva is frightened and accompanied by the risk of harm; there is scarcely that much in food or water. He faces dangerous wild animals, suffocating heat, and gun-armed soldiers.

It's difficult to picture the fear that he must have experienced as a child among random people, separated from the family, then in the wilderness. Salva witnesses a lot of death and mysteries about whether he's going to see his family again. 

Nya's story starts in 2008 when she and her family are struggling to find fresh water. Nya gets to spend a whole day traveling back and forth through blistering heat to a pond to fetch water for her family. Their members of the family and the others became sick already from drinking contaminated water. Life is very challenging without access to clean drinking water, and instead of attending a school like many children, Nya will have to spend almost all of her days just getting water. One day, Nya learns something a new well shall be built for their village.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay calm whenever it's tough, and you're in the lowest possible situation in your life. You're going to get through it if you keep progressing instead of giving up. 
  • Stay calm whenever it's tough, and you're in the lowest possible situation in your life. You're going to get through it if you keep progressing instead of giving up. 
  • Quitting leads to far less happiness and peace than persistence and hope.
  • Have hope no matter what.
  • Appreciate all your blessings.
  • Keep moving one step at a time.


A Long Walk to Water' is an excellent story about staying healthy even in the worst of life's conditions.  There are a few stories that have to be told regardless of how sad or saddening they may be; however, there's always something to learn from all of it. 

The book is very well communicated, and what a page-turner this was. The author has done a fantastic job of twisting such two stories together. While technically a middle-class novel, this is really a tale that everybody would positively impact from reading.

In addition to the two stories, you will also learn the history of Sudan, the various tribes, a little culture, and their realistic struggle for clean water. It's the simple things we humans take for granted. This book is profoundly moving with such a powerful message for all ages. It's a book that I'm recommending to everyone.

Of all the hardships, from sadness to an attack by rebel groups to contact with deadly lions and crocodiles. Salva survived it all. What else you think you couldn't get through? The stories of Salva and Nya seem to be the worse things that could ever happen to man, but they both overcome them. They persevere, they never lose hope, they keep believing! It's really an inspiration to every one of us just as now, we are experiencing a global pandemic, scarcity, economic problems, poverty, sickness, and more. We must fight our battles and choose to live victoriously. You'll see the difference!

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