Amazon Echo Flex - Product Review

Echo Flex incorporates the right value voice control technology with a compact design and useful accessibility features. If you're the kind of person who loves listening to podcasts while in the shower or want to check how's the weather of the day before going to work, this Echo Flex might be the right one for you! It is designed specifically for your needs.

It's a tiny echo speaker that you can plugs into a wall outlet directly, so you can position it in your hallway, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or anywhere place in the house where you want voice-controlled assistance. It is incredibly affordable for any practical use as you can access Alexa - an app that you can use to control many other smart devices such as Hive Thermostats, Security Cameras, Philip Hue Lights, and more.


  • Affordable
  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • Tiny, Compact Design
  • Can easily plug into any outlet
  • Highly integrated voice features from Alexa
  • Bluetooth, USB port, and Connector


  • Low quality of audio for music
  • Limited options for Amazon streaming


Initially, the Amazon Echo Flex cost price is $24.99 when it was first announced into the market, but prices start to fall to about $19.99. Add ons such as Motion Detector and Night Light costs around $14.99 additional on top of that. Prices may vary.

That makes it the most affordable Echo Speaker with voice control capabilities. You could comfortably afford to set up and control devices all across your home at the low price of a handful of' Echo Flex.'

How to set up?

Setting up the Echo Flex is just simple, just like you're setting up a regular speaker. Just plug it into an outlet, wait for the light to turn orange, then connect it to your account using the Alexa app. Initially, the application displays Bluetooth to pair and set up anything with the Echo Flex. All you'll have to do is enter your Wi-Fi password to connect it to your local network. You can start making a voice command 'Alexa,' your voice assistant!

There are no cables included at all, so you can set it up conveniently in a place where you may not want to have cables circling and getting in the way; it's handy and easy. This plug-in design also provides the flexibility to unplug the Echo Flex and, if you like, move it into another spot.


With support for the entire range of Amazon Alexa voice assistant functions, the mini Echo Flex can do everything that other Echo devices can. Here's what are the significant capabilities of the Echo Flex:

  • Check weather updates.
  • Check your schedules by linking Alexa to your Calendar Account
  • It's easy to set up a low-cost home security system that tracks all of your home's central locations.
  • You can build a voice profile; Alexa will only pay attention to your voice and those individual family members.
  • For a motion detector, you may use it to turn lights on and off after and command other complex routines through the Alexa app.
  • For your smart night light, you may change its color to different shades through the Alexa app.

Overall, the Flex is better for those who need a voice control device set up at home. You can explore and stream your favorite podcasts, play Amazon music, but if you want a highly inexpensive smart speaker, I suggest you stick to Nest Mini or Echo Dot as this Echo Flex is not made for playing loud music.

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