Hemp and Its Many Uses

Most people smoke cannabis because they want to feel high, or at least they think they are going to get high. They smoke hemp instead, so they are growing plants that actually look and smell similar to marijuana, taste like pot, and, more importantly, are smoked like pot.

The medical community considers cannabis to be a gateway drug because, among other things, it causes paranoia, reduces concentration and memory, and can lead to addiction. It is highly addictive. It has already affected young people and teens who are commonly known to be "uppers."

Hemp may not be considered an addictive substance because it is not smoked, it is not chewed, and it is not abused. What it does have is a psychological high that is comparable to being stoned without the nasty side effects. People who use marijuana regularly get high just by eating the dried buds and leaves and driving their cars or operating heavy machinery without paying attention to how it feels. These same people also get high from smoking hemp and, theoretically, smoking a joint filled with CBD can create the same high as if they were smoking marijuana.

There is some debate over whether industrial hemp should be legalized or taxed like marijuana because some feel that it will replace marijuana and even take its place. Hemp grows very fast, and its seed could be copied and overgrown, thus rendering hemp illegal. But hemp has more uses in many other industries, including building materials, textiles, clothing, and electronics.

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