How to Deal With a Gambling Problem?

A gambling problem usually happens when someone overindulges gambling, which might make them indebted and have dysfunctional relationships with loved ones.

Undoubtedly, gambling may be addictive. The danger and the winning can have a psychological effect on an individual, making him unreasonable and irrational.

The first step in solving a gambling problem is by acknowledging it. Gamblers Anonymous made a set of inquiries to detect if you have gambling problems.

  1. Did you ever ditch work or school so you can gamble?
  2. Has gambling made you unhappy at home?
  3. Did gambling affect your reputation?
  4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  5. Did you ever gamble to get money to pay off debts or solve financial difficulties?
  6. Did gambling lessen your ambition or efficiency?
  7. After losing, do you feel the need to return as soon as possible and get back your losses?
  8. After a win, do you get a robust to return and win more?
  9. Do you regularly gamble until your last dollar was gone?
  10. Do you ever borrow money from family and friends or taking a loan to finance your gambling?
  11. Have you ever sold your things and properties to finance your gambling?
  12. Were you reluctant to spend your "gambling money" for daily expenditures?
  13. Did gambling make you neglect your or your family's well-being?
  14. Did you ever gamble longer than you originally planned?
  15. Have you ever gambled to forget worry or trouble temporarily?
  16. Have you ever committed, or think of committing, a criminal act to finance gambling?
  17. Did gambling make you have sleeping difficulty?
  18. Did you have an urge to gamble whenever you have disappointments, arguments, or frustrations?
  19. Did you ever gamble to celebrate any luck that happened to you?
  20. Have you ever think of self-destruction or suicide as a result of losing in gambling?

A problematic gambler would answer "Yes" to a minimum of seven of those questions.

If you're an occasional gambler, the following tips could help you ditch gambling:

  • Never take credit cards or an ATM card with you once you gamble; take the money that you can spend that day.
  • Limit the time you gamble.
  • Remember that there is more probability of you losing than winning.
  • Once you win, keep the cash and have an agreement with yourself not to use it.
  • Once you run out of money, give up, and never borrow any money for gambling.
  • Never hesitate to seek help from a friend. Bring a gambling buddy who's not addicted and ask him to check on you.

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