A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage by Cyndie Spiegel - Book Review


Changing our minds is not easy, but yes, it is possible. It can be done choose to think positively, and you will experience great things in a way that you've never experienced before or envisioned conceivable for yourself.

'A Year of Positive Thinking' provides a delightful, empowering, and always daily reminder that you are enough and you can do anything. The book has taught us to say 'YES' or 'NO' enough and ask for what we want.

Positive thinking is often used to turn over the simple truths and instead focuses on feeling better. But this isn't just that kind of positive thinking. This is a positive thought based on reality. This is positive thinking concerning changing how you engage with the environment, not because that will necessarily make it all right, but because this will allow you more prepared to flourish in this world.

Key Takeaways

  • Have compassion and understanding, even through challenging times, and have the inspiration to live a good life and happiness. 
  • Have the willingness to see the light in the darkness despite a world of broad, heart-breaking opportunities.
  • Learn to cherish and love yourself even in your rough moments, failures, and errors, to start believing in yourself, and to outbrave who you are and what you're fighting for. 
  • Try a personal journal, do self-reflection for your personal growth.
  • Yes, you can transform your life by making up your mind.


Cyndie Spiegel is an author that brings people together to give rise quite boldly and refine their minds for the better. Her strange mix of plain speaking, genuineness, wit, and inspiration made her a demanded keynote speaker for brand names, conferences, as well as events.

'A Year of Positive Thinking' is a lovely, accessible book on living in positivity. Cyndie's message is powerful for its integrity and honesty. d Full of uplifting wisdom and inspiring calls - to - action, this book is much more than short solace on a messy day; it's a way of changing your whole way of thinking and mindset.

This book is just so wonderful to anybody who wants a simplistic ability to increase positive affirmation and motivation to their ordinary life. The book is set out as a message each day to make it super important to know where you are. I believe this little book would have been an excellent nightstand book that can be learned in the night or even in the morning. I am very much in love with the right inspiration of life in this book. I highly recommend it if you ever need to find some way to bring a little sunshine to your day. This book is not just for women. This book is for all people, regardless of gender.

Cyndie challenges everyone to stand in the truth, to sit quietly with our pain until we start removing everything that doesn't serve us and reveal what it is for. She taught us just to be ourselves, just the way we are. 

The book seems to be tiny, calm and overflowing with inspiration. Every day has a simple story, quotation, and exercises ranging from a sentence to a paragraph. The vibrant colors make this book positive and upbeat, an easy way to add some splash to your bookshelf.

If you have someone in your life whom you want to inspire and encourage, this book is a perfect gift. Try and see it for yourself. Rest assured, the book is worth it.

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