Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anne Lamott - Book Review


Anne Lamott has brought us a lot of hope from her classic books, which helped aspiring authors navigate the writing world. Her various books on faith have brought flavorful humor and honesty to the context of spiritual writings.

But all the truth is genuinely paradoxical, and it turns out to be that entirely there's always a reason for hope. If you get to a place in life that is miserable, it's going to change, and something more is going to be true. So paradoxical is an opportunity to go deeper into life, to see a larger screen instead of just pleasant.

So look around, cherish everything you have, find hope in the darkness, and recognize that we can't control everything nor change people. They are the only ones who can do it for themselves, and that there is always light to be found even in the darkest of times of life.

Key Takeaways

  • In happiness is not sought in material things. 
  • There is also beauty in sorrow and tragedy. 
  • Write because the process gives great joy, and you have to. Write because you have to share a story, not because you think publishing will make you the person you always would like to be.
  • Haters want everyone to hate them because hate is disabling. We can't work from our real self when we hate, which is 'our strength.
  • Every day, we should find peace and happiness. That satisfaction can not come from anyone or your payroll.
  • Life is magical; at the same time, it is a mystical gift.
  • There's more of us, and in the end, we can win. 
  • We're going to win in life if we don't become the people we're afraid of.
  • 'Peace of mind' is an 'inside job'; it is your responsibility. We can't arrange lasting safety or pleasure with our most beloved people. They've got to find their means and answers. 
  • God is love that you experience generosity and kindness, hope, patience, and care every day.


Lamott's 'Almost Everything: Notes on Hope' is the most insightful form of meandering and ranting, a style of writing that only Lamott can get acquainted with. It is structured through concepts she gets to share with her grandchild, stories she wants to convey that she finds important in a challenging world.

The author of this book writes with humor and a great deal of knowledge and good judgment. oWhat I love so much about Lamott is her encouragement to her readers in every aspect of life, such as fear, disappointments, etc. Her works are books that can be read over and over again, and you'll be amazed that there's always something you will newly discover whenever you read it. 

Lamott described her childhood and how it shaped her into the person, she is now. We will be encouraged more in life because of Lamott's wisdom through her stories and life quotes. This book is highly recommendable!

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