America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs by National Geographic - Book Review


America The Beautiful reveals the most spectacular locations in our country's heart, from the nature spots to the Great Appalachian Valley that Davy Crockett called once home, California's stunning Big Sur coastal sweep into the Alaskan wilderness. It honors the people who made this country what it is, with a wide variety of pictures, including the Arikara Nation in the early 1900s and researchers on a Hawaiian island planning for their journey to Mars.

Culled from the well-known photo archive of the National Geographic, this controversial set spans for more than 130 years and displays the glories of this great nation with a dramatic mix of contemporary and historical photos – from the building of architectural landmarks like the Bridge of the Golden Gate to the Lady of the Liberty – to the last position in the country. The book's structure is from the idea of the original song "America the Beautiful. Region by region, this book celebrates what makes our country great.  Together with   50 words from famous individuals, historians, advocates, conservationists, and lawmakers who call America home are honored to all 50 states and six territories in the USA. This is an inspirational and profound book for all those who have always wondered about the United States' greatness.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has published more than 1,700 titles in one of the world's leading nonfiction publishers, covering historical, travel, natural, photography, spatial, scientific, health, biographic, and memorial categories. The ongoing contribution to the work of the National Geographic Society supports research, restoration, and learning.

JILL LEPORE is known as part of the book, is a teacher of American History at Harvard University. She has been writing 2005 in  The New Yorker since 2005 and a host of the podcast The Last Archive. Lepore writes on American history, law, literature, and politics as a wide-ranging and prolific essayist. She received her book The Name of War Bancroft award. She was a Pulitzer History Finalist for The Story of America, who was also awarded the PEN Literary Award for the Art of the Essay. Her other award-winning novel, The Secret Past and The Truths: A History of the USA, is the Book of Ages. 

America the Beautiful features more than 250 generous series and images from the National Geographic Society. Jill Lepore's poem inspired it as he made notes.  It captures 50 states' splendor together with 6 U.S Territories.  The pictures were arranged into four parts. From the "The West & Pacific," which snow-capped trees stand at the Yellowstone Park and the sunset of California's   Golden Gate Bridge, the 3rd is where the located, the Chrysler Building and lastly the west Virginia's water cascades over the Elakala Falls. Celebrities include brief but touching reflections on their relationship with each state.  James Earl Jones of Michigan said that this is a place where a young boy found the authentic voice, and Tara Westover of Idaho noted that home isn't just a place where we see the world as a mirror satisfying visual voyage.

With a book full of photos taken for the national geography by skilled men and women, one can never go wrong. In an age when journeys are often made in our dreams, such a book is precisely what is needed to schedule a visit. This book will let your mind travel the beauty of America, as it was divided into four chapters that divide the country into regions. It opens with the Western and the Pacific and then travels to the eastern and the middle of the Atlantic, then to the South and Caribbean.

The images have been taken from all ages—not only of today. The picture of South Dakota is beautiful, black and white. You get a peek into each country, but because the book covers so much, it never suffices – above all, when you are looking for the places you like the most. People cannot stop themselves by turning more pages for the whole book contains beauty that made their eyes happy.

This book will reassure readers of all things they can see if they will have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country. If you hesitate to discover the novel, your desire will certainly be driven to see the beauty awaiting.

The unforgettable people of each state often speak on what their home state means for them. A state is something more than its reputation. America the Beautiful will be a great gift for someone who loves this country and wants to see lovely pictures and vision about where they will get great.

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