Anxious People: A Novel by Fredrik Backman - Book Review


An author of the book " A Man Named Ove" works on another book with a poignant, romantic novel about a crime that never happened and disappeared into thin air and eight highly nervous strangers who discover they have more in common than they ever thought.

Look at real estate is typically not a life-or-death scenario, but when a failed bank robber breaks in and takes a group of strangers hostage, an apartment open house becomes just that, and this is how the novel "Anxious People" started. The prisoners include a newly retired couple who track down fixer-uppers endlessly to escape the crushing reality that their marriage can not be repaired.  A wealthy director of the bank has been too busy to care about anything else and a young couple who are about to have their first child, but who can't seem to compromise on anything, from where they want to live to how they first meet.

A part of the story is an eighty-seven-year-old woman who has lived long enough not to be scared of anyone brandishing a gun in her face, an exasperated and still real estate agent, and a mysterious man trapped in the only restroom in the building.

All of them hold a lifetime of complaints that are ready to spill over, wounds, mysteries, and desires. None of them is who they seem to be. And all of them are desperately craving some form of rescue, including the bank robber. 

These reluctant partners will discover shocking facts about themselves and set in motion a series of unpredictable events that even they can barely understand what happens next when the officials and the media invade the grounds. Anxious People is an ingeniously crafted novel about the sustaining force of friendship, forgiveness, and hope even in the most challenging times, and those things will save us all.


Fredrik Backman was born in 1981; he is known as a columnist, blogger, and writer from Sweden.  In his home country of Sweden, his books are the number one bestsellers. In over twenty-five languages, Backman's books have been published around the world.

His novel "Anxious People" in 2020 is one of his books that gives people a positive impression. This is about people who are anxious for different reasons, and the issues they face have a shockingly broad scope that enables most readers to relate to one or more of the characters. For us readers, an omniscient narrator frames this strange day, making assumptions about the human condition in general along the way.

This book makes even more sense during the pandemic season, where people are living in unimaginable times. Backman admits that everyone is dealing with pain, so we're finding a way to keep going through it, and if we haven't found a safe method for coping, it's out there somewhere. What keeps us human is this act of searching for answers, for consolation really, and being able to laugh about the absurdity of it all is the best part.

Fredrick Backman's novel also pushed readers to begin challenging all of the choices they made and plans in life.  Made each realize that everything in life is a  lesson to think and consider and respect others just as human as how we learn to consider our own.   Readers became genuinely motivated by Anxious People to be more aware, present, and empathic. 

In this book, Backman shows how true to real-life each character had become, establishing ties between several people. There is a soulful element underneath the humor and the mystery that examines humanity, forgiveness, and empathy. Some characters are linked to others who are not and are hilariously easy to sympathize with. Overall, the book  "Anxious People" highlights the value of searching a little deeper to explore and understand the inner individual, beyond preconceptions and first experiences.

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