Apple Watch Series 5 - Product Review

There has been excitement when it comes to an Apple product. Not only everyone is waiting for an upgrade, but the apple watch has also always been the much-awaited of all.

So far, the Series 5 Apple Watch is ahead of everything that proclaims to be a competitor. Nothing comes close to the quality and consistency that Apple has produced. The bottom line is that it will immediately become the best-selling wearable in the market.


  • Always-on display 
  • Big screen display
  • New applications 
  • More storage
  • WatchOS 6 brings useful updates 


  • Does not work with phones running Android 
  • Very similar to Apple Watch 4 
  • Impoverished battery life 


The always-on display dims the background to show you the time when it is inactive. This applies to all but the Fitness app, which still shows all your stats even though you don't look at the watch actively. I love the always-on display in Series 5. Apple's integration is superior to other smartwatches I have used for it does not damage the battery life that much, and even in ambient mode, Apple maintains a little color visible.

The more costly materials do have slight weight distinctions, and they also have sapphire glass on the front of the watch. But in the expectation that they'll have better features, you should not pay extra for those quite premium materials. Nothing so different; you'd only pay extra for something fancier. 

Also, the Apple Watch is by far the most comfortable watch that I've had the pleasure of wearing, fitted with the perfect strap if you've not tried the Sport Loop and one of its numerous versions, you should try; it is excellent.


The Apple Watch Series 5 latest features are an integrated compass and cellular bands that can operate internationally. These features are very beneficial, while the latter enables the cellular version to make emergency calls anywhere else in the world. You'll have to wait for Apple to make more carrier offers to get service in more areas.

The Apple Watch does more than just showing the time. A significant highlight is notifications. Tick the wrist a little more, and you'll see something has happened. Of course, all of Apple's apps function well. 

Messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp can be marked directly from your wrist as read or answered. You can dictate what you want to know using Siri, give replies, or send an emoji. The trend for most Apple Watch applications is Spotify, which provides you with complete control of your wrist's playback on your iPhone, including volume control by using the digital crown. But unlike the Apple Music app, it can't store tracks off-line.

Apple Pay is also excellent on your wrist. To pull up the card, just double press the wide side button and then place it near the reader like using the phone.

Activity Tracker

Steadily, Apple has converted its wearable device into one of the best available multifunctional fitness trackers. You name it from your usual running, cycling, hiking, biking, swimming, yoga, football, table tennis, hockey, and even fishing. 

The Apple Watch also watches out for any exercises automatically. I get a notification on my commute to schedule an outdoor walk twice a day. Health monitoring day-to-day is reliable. During the day, the heart rate monitor measures your beats per minute, logging it more than 12 times an hour or on-demand so that you can view it on your mobile in the newly revitalized fitness app.

By putting your finger on the crown for 30 seconds or so, you can manually take an ECG as well. In real-time, the applications show you the waveform and alert you if your heartbeat appears abnormal.

Other activity tracker includes calories, steps, distance, and even stairs climbed. Menstrual cycle monitoring and fall detection are also included, and the noise app, which detects ambient noise and alerts you if you are in situations that might affect your health. It also tracks headphone volume telling you if it's too loud.

Final Thoughts

The Series 5 is an incremental improvement compared to previous Apple Watches, which offered then-groundbreaking functionality. And even for itself, Apple has set the standard for smartwatches almost absurdly high. Rival smartwatches may have always-on screens first, but they fall well behind the Apple Watch in about every other way.

Nothing close to its maximum potential has yet been met by the Apple Watch Series 5 is nonetheless an exceptional watch. And all in all, because of the advantageous features, Series 5 is just another good watch to consider.

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