Apple Watch Series 6 - Product Review

The Apple Watch Series 6 has been known for its outstanding performance, incredible app range, and appropriate health and fitness tracking functionality. The Apple Watch Series 6 is not very different from Series 5, and it's not precisely the improvements you can see that count the most. And when an already useful smartwatch gets functional upgrades like faster efficiency, better battery life, and quicker charging, we'll not complain. 

Moreover, with the integration of a heart rate and blood sensor that measures the SpO2 level upon request, Apple builds on its iconic smartwatch and records periodic background measurements while you're asleep and inactive. Due to the global pandemic, putting this innovation in a consumer wearable has never been more relevant, as it demonstrates how well your circulatory and respiratory systems provide oxygen concentration blood to your body and can enable you to measure whether a hospital checkup is needed.


  • Attractive new colors of watches and band choices
  • Sleep Monitoring and Handwashing Feature (WatchOS7)
  • Power-efficient
  • Improved Screen Quality
  • Real-time elevation tracker
  • Fast processor


  • Costly
  • Slightly increase battery life
  • Works only with iPhone

I've been checking the Series 6. While I recommend it, I genuinely believe the faster efficiency, brighter display, and faster charging that will be more convincing for most buyers is the less noticeable below upgrade. Are the latest offerings from the model worth the price tag? 

The design of the Series 6 isn't new or shocking. Still, the additional LTE and the variety of colors, textures, sizes, and band choices can potentially make the selection feel daunting and the pricing confusing. Mostly in the event, many people may research the issue and find that perhaps the new Apple Watch SE, which has less expensive and whistles but performed well, meets their needs. A 40-mm, GPS-only version of that watch costs a very affordable about $280.


Prices may vary at Amazon, so better to check for yourself, but let me give you an estimate. For an aluminum variant with a 40mm case, the Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399. The bigger 44mm version goes at $429. 

As it does now, for an additional $100, you could get the watch with LTE. Reasons you may want cellular is that you'll still benefit from on-device dictation, Siri translation, app downloads, calling, and messaging even if you go for a run not bringing your mobile phone. Just note that you'll still have to spend for data in addition to the extra $100 up-front.

Stainless steel watch edition may cost $699 up to $749 that comes with more choices of color and sizes. And the highest tier of all is the luxurious Hermes edition that starts at $1,249, which offers higher leather brand quality. Prices may vary!


The Series 6 does have the newest S6 chip from Apple, which is fast, dynamic, and overpowers even rival smartwatch manufacturers' performance. Battery life is healthy. The Series 6 lasts over 36 hours between charges, including added length ECG recordings, blood oxygen levels recordings, loads and lots of alerts, and a 25-minute run, with the ever-active monitor and sleep monitoring overnight.

Apple doesn't provide a Series 6 battery with an estimated lifetime. Usually, comparable batteries last at least 500 full battery capacity while retaining at least 80% power.


Series 6 arrives with the new edition of WatchOS 7 from Apple, which runs on Series 3, 4, 5, and Watches SE. WatchOS 7 added seven different watch faces, including sharing configured watch face interfaces with other users.

Complete, on-device speech dictation has also been introduced to the new app so that your speech is translated to text quicker, with greater privacy, and without having an internet connection. It is now basically instant to set a time limit using Siri, putting to test Samsung's Bixby and Google's Assistant on their smartwatches.

The handling of alerts is delicate, including calls, text messages, and responses to texts. The seamless connection between the phone and the Apple Watch is better than every other iPhone smartwatch. There is also a fair range of useful third-party applications, including Strava, Google Maps, and Spotify. Still, no specific WhatsApp can only respond to alerts from your wrist that do not launch new conversations.


Connecting the wearable to the internet is achieved either by the device being inside the iPhone's Bluetooth range, being on wifi, having a 4G eSIM on the device, and utilizing apps to their maximum capacity. When one of those three is linked to you, everything functions, including updates from your phone.

Most of the watch features, such as health and activity monitoring, operate entirely offline as well. But when you're out without your phone for a run, it monitors where you are and can provide you with the statistics you need. But until you have a 4G subscription for your watch, you would not be able to get notifications or see your location on Apple Maps.

All in all, I can say that the Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the best smartwatches now on the market. It is effortless to wear and has a lot of essential changes to its functionality. However, my issue with the Series 6 is that the previous Series 5 and Series 4 models, and the new cheaper Watch SE, are just as fine. The ECG feature is beneficial only for those concerned about their heart, but I'm doubtful to use it frequently outside of testing.

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