Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future by Lasse Rouhiainen - Book Review


Artificial intelligence is software with a mechanism to learn or a computer program. It then uses the information as humans do to decide in a given context. The developers creating this program try to write code that can interpret and learn it from images, data, audio files, or video. That information can be put to use elsewhere once a computer has been conditioned. Because of the emergence of artificial intelligence systems, most of these improvements will happen.

The rapid development of other innovations, such as genetic engineering, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet - Of - things, virtual reality, and 3D, will influence our lives and society in countless other ways. 

Artificial intelligence plays an important role nowadays, and whether you like it or not, it will dramatically change the way we do things. It can make us work better, quicker, and cheaper. Industries like hospitality, healthcare, tourism, transportation, education, agriculture, retail, finance, agriculture, marketing, and sales will be fundamentally changed. Researchers also claimed that robots and automation might replace many jobs. Examples of these are self-driving cars, chatbots, and robots. 


This book about Artificial Intelligence by Lasse Rouhiainen, in general, is acceptable. I discovered new fields of Artificial Intelligence that are an essential part of our daily lives and application, the importance of data, and the ability to analyze it. 

Many companies use platforms like Chatbot Customer Support, Siri, Google Assistant, Online Marketing, and more. Hence, no wonder many businesses took advantage of the technology, and more and more are focusing on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Rouhiainen discussed how AI is currently being used by major businesses such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and how they plan to use it in the future.

In the financial sector, the author shared three facts about how AI can increase a company's profit. 

  • First, AI can be used for better customer service. Nowadays, especially this time of the pandemic where we are limited to go out, I've personally experienced Customer Service via Facebook Chat from our Internet Service Provider. I was just surprised; I was able to chat with an agent trying to resolve my issue online. Well, I have to admit, it is much accessible since many are using Facebook as a means of communication, sales, and marketing.
  • Second, more efficient investment services with 'smart advisors' can provide clients with financial advice.
  • Lastly, Chatbots, maybe soon become the primary method for customer interactions. Not only will it reduce the cost for the workforce, but few people also need to be hired for the customer service position.

If you read the book, there are lots of concepts and resources that are given for you to understand how AI works. You may also learn a solid foundation that addresses almost every introduction to AI issues. This book is simple and has an 'easy to read' description of AI and its results. Anyone can understand and be encouraged to learn more on their own.

Rouhiainen is an apparent supporter of AI, but the possible problems that AI can cause are not overlooked. Mostly, however, Rouhianen promotes education and dedication on the part of individuals, enterprises, and governments to create a reliable and equal basis for AI implementation. He clarifies that it is difficult to avoid the development and use of AI in this fast-changing world.

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