Bulova Chronograph A Surfboard Edition — Product Review

Bulova has been one of the industry's best-known producers of watches. The Bulova's Archive Series has revived some of the most famous and significant parts of the modern watch consumer's iconic brand. The 'Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph: A Surfboard' is a favorite classic that was only made in two years.


  • Automatic watch movement
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • Limited edition quality watch
  • Unique style


  • No other strap choices


A very exotic vibe conveys the surfboard that captured my attention.  The watch's case is stainless steel and is somewhat retro, making the 40.5 mm watch feel adequately balanced on small wrists. The watch was named 'Surfboard' because of the surfboard-shaped oval on its dial. You can see the red and dark blue color combination, and the rest of the dial is black. 

The watch is large enough to be read quickly but compact enough to retain a minimal wrist position. Without attracting much more attention, you will find that it is easy and comfortable to wear.

The surfboard is available in a few different color versions, but the navy blue and red one in particular. Currently, the blue and silver parts of the dial are sunbursts. The blue is unbelievably bright as the light hits the face just correct. The style is pure vintage, as if it was made for the 60s and 70s users.

Sadly, the surfboard comes only with a rubber strap. However, the far more costly automatic version is available on a bracelet. That said, though, with a deployer clasp, the strap is a very appealing blue tropical strap. The watch will allow any 20mm straps if you choose to adjust it, but you'll be better able to outdo the included strap for such a casual beach watch.


The surfboard comes with the quartz variant and a great automatic 27-jewel Swiss option. I think the quartz movement is frankly the most suitable for this watch for the finishing stage. It's inexpensive, precise, and the chronograph features a striking second hand. The surfboard lacks a date slot, such as the predecessors.

The moving seconds, as well as the hands of the chronograph, are still unlaminated. The running seconds and 60-minute counter subdials are positioned in the large silver oval. A tachymeter runs just above minute indices across the dial. The sapphire crystal that produces virtually no distortion, except at insane angles, protects all this.

The surfboard is also water-resistant up to 200 meters, meaning you can still wear this watch while swimming, snorkeling, and it can withstand a few more splashes of water. 

Final Thoughts

These days, there seem to be many watches available on the market that lean on a retro look. The Bulova Surfboard may be a wired classic, the newest but not the least expensive for quartz, but it sure excels in the realms of looks and compatibility. 

I'm not too fond of a colorful watch, I preferred the plain black, white, silver style, but this watch is impressive. So if you want something a little quirky retro look but still super stylish and comfortable to wear, then you should try this one.

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