Bulova Men's 98H37 Marine Star Chronograph Watch — Product Review

When it comes to watches, Bulova has been there in the market for more than a decade, and there's no way it could be forgotten as it still produces an excellent timepiece for everyone. The Bulova 98H37 Marine Star is undeniably beautiful with its blue, silver, and a bit of gold color combination. At first glance, this classic watch will surely get your attention. So let's explore its features closely and look closely at why this watch could be the best option.


  • A quality imported timepiece
  • Japanese-quartz movement
  • Water-resistant up to 100 M or 330ft
  • Elegant look
  • Mineral crystal scratch-resistant


  • A bit heavy


The Bulova Marine Star has the marine blue dial with gold-toned markers and luminous filled hands. With its sleek elegance and a stylish design, the two-tone Bulova Marine Star watch effortlessly falls between formal and sporty casual wear. The big, round brushed silver stainless steel watch case is 1.65 inches wide and is balanced by a white etched 10-minute marked multidirectional rotating bezel. It'll make you happy to know that the markers are packed with lumens. The hands of the dial are luminous too.

Concerning the strap, You'll see a variation of all sorts of bands for the Marine Star line. The leather one is authentic and feels terrific in its bits. A deployment clasp is connected to the 98H37's bracelet. As the clasp is commonly used in stainless-steel products, this is not unusual. That said, however, the push-button version is on the timepiece. Actually, with the literal press of a button, it operates. Many clasps that are its kind have additional protection mechanisms.


The Bulova Marine Star is sure to be a quartz watch, and it is said to be a high-quality Japanese-quartz movement. The great thing is, when the Chrono is triggered and deactivated, you get a nice feeling as well as an audible click. Even rather than just the boring one ticks per second, the main Chrono second-hand runs at four ticks per second. So it sorts of looks like a retro Chrono, at the very least.

The movement on it is reliable and accurate. Bulova is home to the Precisionist range, which tends to produce many of the world's most precise watches.

Given that it does have a chronograph, a date window, and a revolving bezel, this watch's functions are indeed applauding. While the dial is filled with additional features, due to the luminous markers, this does not obstruct user-friendliness as the shades are, in contrast, easy to use at various light conditions.

Water Resistance

It works underwater. It's up to 100 meters or 330 feet water-resistant. You should take it underwater if you're that kind of person who snorkels; this is a good watch. Waterproofing is not a big worry, as it is made of high-quality stainless steel. As such, not only does it not allow water to get in but neither does it let dirt or dirt stick. It has a body that is heavily enclosed. This stops the inside of water from moving. It helps it to take a pounding, too.

User Experience

The Marine Star line is full of beautiful pieces that are water-resistant. If they could do diving, we would have loved it, but they are designed for the water and come with a classy design. What's terrific about this watch is that they're all of high quality. Indeed, this watch is considerable. I liked the watch, and I could probably choose this as a gift to someone dear to me. 

For the reasonable low price of $360.00, you can expect to find this watch on other wholesale platforms for under $300. Although I like a lot of the stuff this watch reflects, it had so much promise and could've been an initial Bulova release that rocked the world of watchmaking.

This timepiece is one of the most excellent looking watches to wear, so check this watch out.

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