Bulova Men's Curv Chronograph — Product Review

Bulova is a brand that emphasizes design and creativity. One of the new inventions created by the brand is the Bulova Curv, and the world has ever known the first 'curved-chronograph movement.'

The CURV set from Bulova is unique in the world! Bulova has been a pioneer in the production of watch creation and advancements, such as Accutron innovation. And this time, this is no different, as Bulova has produced the world's first 'Curved Chronograph Watch.' In 2016, the collection was achieved by combining high-quality craftsmanship, elegance, and creativity with an ergonomic design.

The CURV delivers exceptional comfort when wear and offers a slim appearance that has never been done before with a chronograph watch. The Bulova's relatively known high-performance quartz technology guarantees accuracy. Within the CURV range, the brand has introduced bold new designs that continue CURV's groundbreaking momentum.


  • High-end design
  • Value of craftsmanship and accuracy 
  • Unbeatable battery-powered precision
  • High-performance movement
  • 3-year warranty


  • The dial isn't as easy to read at night. 
  • It's a bit complicated to set up


The model is available in all case finishes, dial colors and bracelets, and leather details. The more retro case styles look more fitting to the brand's legacy. The watch does not look like it has a 44 mm case size, and its 10 mm height falls under the shirt sleeve with nearly no notice. Aerodynamics is a term that seems to suit. The case has a unique bottle opener that looks like a lug, and Bulova introduced several variations for the Curv strap and dial. We've reviewed a more glamorous, modern-looking model, but it's worth mentioning that there are Curv versions that suit the more traditional Bulova design.

This one is water-resistant up to 30m, an exhibit screw-back case, and a smooth sapphire crystal with a black layer on the surrounding crystal. The curved sapphire crystal sits on the top of the actual black bezel, which adds just a millimeter of extra height. It's an unhindered view of the dial, and it gives a lot to look at it when the light source is sufficient.


Have a look at the display glass on the case back, and you'll see the renowned Precisionist movement of Bulova. That quartz chronograph movement is one of the most trustworthy activities around nowadays, and collectors and Bulova fans would be drawn to its new curved style. These markers are added to a semi-gloss ring that sits below and generates a range in the dial. Its diagonal lines are almost identical to the very same lines on the strap. Several other two registers are very decorative. Their brushed and skeletonized hands are practically transparent and too short of pointing at the small markers to count minutes or hours.

This watch is remarkable when it refers to time precision. This incredible quartz technology pulsates at 262 kHz, which typically ultimately leads to increased accuracy over time. This event is more than eight times more accurate than the normal quartz movement, which vibrates at a frequency of approximately 32 kHz.

User Experience

My timepiece pettiness towards the quartz watches was instantly questioned since this watch was different. I loved how the design concepts were implemented, beginning with the elegant, low profile that embraces and holds the wrist.

At first, I was suspicious of the whole curved structure. I was afraid that the watch would look odd on the wrist, with light reflecting off the glass right, left, and center. However, I was incorrect. The watch fits perfectly on the wrist, making it easier to wear and the legibility is in no way compromised.

More has been said about this watch, but it's the watch's unique nature and performance that stands out. Though not luminescence, this is a good watch for all those who enjoy a high tech, firm look. I think the retail price would also be best suited to the $500 range just because it comes with a more extended, three-year warranty, still too pricey. All in all, this is a high-function, artistic delight for more or less $799 Bulova buyer.

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