Casio Analog Sport Watch — Product Review

For all of you who are low on a budget, the Casio Analog Sport Watch watch is the ideal pick. But do not let the low price fool you; in many respects, this watch can impress you. In the sea, it is very reliable, and its casualness allows you to wear it everywhere. It just feels comfortable on the wrist, and the fact that it weighs only over 2oz, you will love this watch as if you're not wearing anything.

This watch has so much to promise in terms of performance and versatility, despite being so cheap. The whole watch is made of resin that can withstand several harms, so you do not have to fear all the time about damaging it. It is up to 330ft rated water-resistant, and you can be assured that it has been thoroughly tested.


  • Waterproof to 100 meters deep
  • Features a revolving bezel, spins both directions 
  • A lovely analog-style
  • Affordable


  • Does not have digital stopwatch capability
  • Easy to scratch the dial window 
  • Lume fades rapidly in his hands 


You can see that the Casio MRW200H has a casual/sporty style that many people seem to love when you look at it. However, it's also good that this version comes in several different color choices on the hands, case, and band, giving you an excellent option when buying.

This one does not, unfortunately, have a crank crown, unlike many other dive watches. Some people don't like that, but most divers say that there's no problem with it in the water. At 4 o'clock, the crown itself is positioned, has two places for time and date setting, and has crown guards on the edges.

The dial is well-designed and features an illustrated day/date window that owners like. The dials, as well as the crystalline marks and numerals, have a small amount of text. This analog watch comes with three dials on the basic model that is white, providing a pleasant contrast to the dial's black hue. When you're in the dark, they're luminous, but not for too long.

This entire watch is made of resin.  While some people say that it feels a bit cheap when you first look at it, it turned to be pretty tough. The covering and the band are made of the same stuff, and even on your wrist, they feel excellent.


Considering that the analog dive watch from Casio Sport is not a high-end model, it still has several features you can find helpful. Among other things, it comes with an excellent bezel, day and date slot, lumen on the palms, and a precise mechanism.

A common concern is ensuring your watch doesn't break if you intend to spend much time in the water, maybe for sport or recreation, or if you're intent on getting your hands wet. This doesn't need to be a concern much longer. It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you'll be going with a 100m water resistance; whether it's freediving, sailing, swimming, or any other water sport, this is the watch that will keep working consistently on your hand. Timekeeping for both 12 and 24 hours is available.

The watch is a Quartz battery-powered watch. It uses inexpensive SR626SW batteries that are easy to purchase and repair, so don't worry about that. A battery's average life span is about three years, which means you don't have to do it much either. However, be sure to figure out how to keep a dive watch, which will make it last longer.

Most watch lovers claim that the Casio Sport analog dive watch has far surpassed their standards when it comes to quality. Even though it looks doubtful at first, even with regular use, this waterproof watch holds its own. Besides, Casio provides you with a 1-year guarantee, which is good coverage if anything unforeseen happens.

User  Experience

Various users are amazed by this since it always displays the correct time, you set once, and then you could leave it. You need to set the day/date once a month, which is not difficult to do. This durable watch can be used for a range of water sports, such as surfing or swimming, and even diving.

Its lightweight is one of the crucial things about this watch. You hardly notice it on you. When it comes to this, though, users have divided opinions. Others like to wear a watch that doesn't get heavy and tiring on your arm, while others complain that because it's so much lighter than most other dive watches, it doesn't feel correct. It's comfortable to wear over your clothes, on any occasion.

All in all, the Casio Analog Sport or Dive Watch, as some named it, is highly recommended and worth your penny!

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