Casio F-91W Classic Watch — Product Review

What first comes to mind when you think of a digital watch? Maybe a G-Shock or an unmistakable F-91W, a real genuine cult classic. It just demonstrates that Casio's impact in the watch industry was still so successful, almost timeless, more than 25 years after its release. Initially launched in 1991, its lifespan has not changed at all, and it's one of the first mechanical watches to be density in the world.

This timepiece is the most conventional Casio to date. At some point in history, everyone has seen or owned a Casio like this one. There are several reasons why this watch has so magnificently stood the longest.

Casio still manufactures about three million of such watches a year to this day, showing how durable, timeless, and genuinely useful this watch is. It is also a classic piece that is worth putting into your set of collections.

A stunningly accurate timekeeper, the Casio F-91W watch outshines fancy wrist watches at almost any scale. Perhaps the best representation of how the famous Swiss mechanical watch industry was ruined and practically killed by mass-produced, plastic-cased, quartz watches.


  • Battery houses that can last for decades 
  • Contains warning and stopwatch functions 
  • Quartz, super-accurate timekeeping
  • Water-resistant against rain, handwashing


  • Basic functions


The Casio F-91W Classic is one of the most trendy watches I know, but that's not its intent. You hardly realize that it's sitting on the wrist. It's incredibly convenient. This is primarily due to the incredibly light 20g weight and limited dimensions.

The case is made of resin, almost cushion-like, with an angled design to a rectangular shape. The pushers are quick to use and are tiny cylinders of steel. The far more fundamental and universal model is displayed here in black plastic with blue highlights, but bright shades and case finishes such as silver and gold are used in other F-series models. These are especially relatively small watches for today's needs. This is an incredibly comfortable watch to wear, doing its work well quickly and seamlessly.

A shatter-resistant acrylic lens is on the front. It might be break-resistant, it's not scratch resistant, as the lower corner pusher has a bit of a combat mark. The lens gives the LCD screen, clearly visible from any angle, including in direct sunlight, for exceptional clarity. Steel is the case back and is protected by four screws. It is stamped in the center with some information and the name of the brand.


The Casio F-91W has three buttons and a surprisingly intelligent range of functionality. It takes approximately four seconds to know how to use it and the stopwatch, which has a few different options. 

A couple of more exciting things to be aware of. To reveal all the digits, click all the buttons together, and 2. Please keep the lower right button for 5 seconds. The battery capacity on this watch is exceptional. There are countless rumors that a single battery will last for decades in the electronics world, which is ideal. It is fuelled by another classic, the battery of the CR2016. Simple to the source. The functions include a one-hour stopwatch, a regular warning, and an hourly beep feature.

Would you own one then? If you do some physical activity, though it's not to use it as a fashion item, yes, without a doubt. For being lightweight, comfortable, robust, and crazy inexpensive, it's just so sweet. There is no reason not to, because of the price. It's great for cycling, gymnastics, or any workout.

With the F-91W, Casio didn't compromise with the quality of choice, and you can find a multitude of versions available online. Of course, the more uncommon it is, the more probable you are to pay. However, I would not be too concerned about the price, given that you can get this watch for about less than $20. Just visit the Amazon website and check for the actual price, I believe you can get it less.

It's an easily identifiable watch that must be one of the most well-known watches worldwide. But as for me, I'm over the edge to own a classic like that whenever I need it. You can quickly get it on Amazon and other online shops. So all in all, I would rate this 5-star for its design and affordable price.

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