Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz DW-5600E — Product Review

The DW-5600E, not that you'd know from looking at it, is not the classic original G-Shock. The 5600 series initially hit the scene and has since been in development in one form or another, and the new version is almost the most simple G-Shock you can purchase. It is incredibly close to the old one but uses a plastic case in place of the original, blotted stainless steel, except for a few minor specifics here or there.

Now we're going back to the Casio G-Shock range, concentrating on their digital Quartz Resin Sport Watch this time. This watch has all the characteristics you like, available in four exclusive models, but all based around the classic black aesthetic. This watch has all this from countdown timers with a customizable input set to a 1 to a 100-second stopwatch and even an auto-calendar.


  • Backlight to use day or night
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Trusted by experts all over the world


  • Common 


The DW-5600E has a 42.8mm wide shell, 1.9 ounces in weight, and is manufactured in China. Thanks to the rectangular style, it feels you wear nothing. With a polymer padded case that has since created hundreds of iterations, they made a modular digital quartz watch. Even the average lay-person can identify a G-shock, so a considerable underestimate would suggest the outcome was effective.

The DW-5600E is the most simple model in the series for Casio at the moment. The DW-5600E should last for two years. I use mine less than that, and without the need for a battery change, the watch has been running great for 3-4 years now.

Cranking things with 4 Phillips screws out of case back that is kept down. This is to be separated from the back of a screw-down case. Among G-Shock enthusiasts, the original DW-5600C came with an entire steel case and a screw-down case back, making it the most desirable.

The watch comes with a lightweight polymer strap.   The watch is built so that the strap looks incorporated, but it is easily replaced with a spring bar instrument if you wear it out. The band is functional, like the rest of the watch. With a stainless steel loop and polymer Strap Keeper, the strap is secured.


This is a no-frills watch but also provides a staggering variety of features, including a countdown, timer, alarm, calendar, and lighting. Everything is neatly pointed out on the dial, and to rotate through the functions, you press one of the four keys on the case. Regularly, I use the watch and calendar functionality and find the stopwatch convenient for swimming pool tracking laps or sets throughout the gym.

It is intuitive to use your watch. By attempting to describe the feature set of 3229 in great detail, I will not waste your time reading the user manual for that. It is easy to loop through the functions and control the watch, and the digital read-out is readable. The backlight electrical luminescent works well and gives off a soft blue light.

A mineral crystal covers the LCD. Thanks in large part to the drooping plastic bezel, I have not had any chips or bruises on my crystal. Although it's not spinning and clicking like a dive watch, it says G-Shock Protection on it and soaks up bumps and scrapes. This watch's accuracy is also great with an EL backlight of 20 bar water resistance to enable you to see the time in every condition, and of course, the iconic built-in shock resistance of Casio, Casio has surpassed himself with this beauty.

User  Experience

This watch is perfect and truly recommendable. Affordable as well, so this doesn't hurt your pockets. The style and design are lovely and sporty, and when I tried wearing one, I flipped it over my shoulder on the hardwood flooring since I first got my DW-5600E to show how reckless you can be with a watch like this. There was no noticeable damage, as you'd imagine. I went out of my way to hit the G-Shock on every surface within the manageable length, later wearing the watch while driving, and again there have been no dents and scratches, stains, or lack of functionality. All in all, I can say this watch is worth your money. Try it and thank me later!

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