Casio Men's MDV106-1AV — Product Review

What would be a diving model watch will have to offer, but would instead take things to the next level in terms of performance and longevity, this black analog watch will be just everything you need. The Casio MDV106-1A diving watch is well-known to both divers and most watch collectors. This watch is excellent for a diver and is as versatile as its deep-water aesthetic implies. Let's look more closely at this watch:


  • Most-Trusted Casio Watch
  • Great and Attractive Design
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters deep
  • Accuracy


  • A bit more costly


The watch is black in design, making it extremely easy to read in any situation. Black resin, bordered by a stainless steel case, offers a classic, more traditional look that you might love from the moment you place your eyes on it.

Most of the case is polished, which is an inspired option: the side and the bottom are with a polished top. As this is supposedly a practical diving watch, I expected more to be brushed to prevent evident and straightforward scratches.

The shape is a typical barrel, with a slightly curved edge on the top of the shoulders. It's an attractive suggestion that the sides of the case are fully polished, since this is a watch made for a purpose, to be used in water. Perhaps a glossy finish will be ideal for the sake of durability; because it won't take long for scratches to overtake. The sides of the case are polished, with a reasonably specified line where the finishes touch. Perhaps the fact that the Duro has a 'mineral crystal' can be seen as detrimental. It's not practical to expect a sapphire crystal on a watch, but it turns out beautiful.


The Casio Duro stands out because it has a water resistance of 200m compared to many other diver watches at this price range. Besides the best-than-average features, the Casio MDV106-1A still looks marvelous, and with a cursory look, you could be mistaken for a much higher quality watch. The Casio MDV106-1A is my best choice for a quartz-powered, inexpensive dive watch priced for less than 100 bucks.

The watch is the most common diver's watch and is the most conventional, minimalist edition. Unfortunately, it also appears to be the only one currently in production. The MDV3XX series watches, you can still find them, come with chronometer features and somewhat more vibrant styling.

User  Experience

The Casio Duro is yet another watch that I see all over the place. This is another watch that I've wanted to buy and is often related to the marlin since the fish appears on the dial and the case. The first experience I had about this Casio diver was quite good indeed. The enamel dial, which I've tried to display in several of the pictures, is a robust visual win. It refracts illumination in an eye-pleasing way, and it's not overpowering at all. It brings a bit of a refracted sunburst glow to the dial.

The watch is considered to be very impressive. This does seem to charge very quickly and is enough to give the light a meaningful charge and length. All hour markers and then all three hands are given sufficient lumen, as is the dot on the uni-directional spinning bezel. Other reports also criticized the existence of lumen in other areas of the bezel, which could be a concern if you are hunting for a fully loaded diver.

This inexpensive diver fits in the wrist. It's a powerful presence 44mm, and dive styling will do that, and it's also a welcome one. It looks fantastic, and again, it feels the same degree of quality as it does. It doesn't exactly look like a cheap watch.

This model remains one of the most sought after for so many excellent reasons. This black watch is durable, trustworthy, and because it's supported by thousands of brilliant reviews from happy consumers worldwide, you know this is a watch that's going to satisfy you.

If you'd like an affordable analog diver-style watch, you can't go wrong with Casio MDV106-1A. If you're diving, swimming, boating, sailing, and want a watch that can take some sweat, you'll be unlikely to find something better designed and better designed for $40. I think the MDV106 will remain in my watch collection.

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